Improving student health together
Health services in schools are
essential — healthy children do better
in the classroom and in life.
Increasing resources to address
students’ unmet health needs.


The Consortium believes in
improving student health. Every
day we advocate and support
additional health services for all
children because healthy children
do better in the classroom.
IMPACT STORIES The School Health Service program improves student health and learning outcomes.
School Nurses are Important
A School District in Colorado Springs was able to make a huge difference in one child's life as a result of the School Health Service (SHS) Program. Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Smith noticed one of her students, Kaitlyn, was dozing at the back of the class. Employing a few tricks to wake or rouse the attention of Kaitlyn was not working, so Mrs. Smith called in the school nurse, ->
Mrs Betty. Doing a quick assessment of Kaitlyn, Mrs. Betty recognized she was not sleeping through class, but experiencing a seizure and was able to take the appropriate steps to respond to the student’s health emergency. Mrs. Betty’s position was made possible as a result of resources from the SHS Program. Previously, the school district did not have the resources ->
to employ a nurse at each school site, which makes a huge difference when emergencies arise. *Names have been changed.  
Outreach & Enrollment Programs Help Eliminate Barriers to Healthcare
The Consortium is a nonprofit organization partnering with school districts in
Colorado. We help our member school districts with the School Health Service
Program and seek to improve student health.
We monitor and advocate for health services for
children on a national, state and local level.
Working closely with our state partners, we
address policies and issues that directly affect the
SHS program.
We offer a complete training service, including
tools, videos and materials that provide
information on SHS program requirments.
Training is delivered both onsite and through
webinars to all related service providers, support
and administrative staff.
We offer expertise and consultation to help
school districts navigate the complexities of
Medicaid and the SHS program. Our goal is to
maximize the resources for school districts while
also maintaining a compliant program
We offer tools to document health-related
special education services for proper claiming.
Claiming activities are submitted and monitored
to help school districts remain compliant with
federal and state Medicaid regulations.