Improving student health together

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The Consortium is a nonprofit organization partnering with school districts in Colorado. We help our member school districts with the School Health Service Program and seek to improve student health.



We monitor and advocate for health services for children on a national, state and local level. Working closely with our state partners, we address policies and issues that directly affect the SHS program.

Follow us on Twitter @CO_Consortium for up to date information about our advocacy efforts or review our previous advocacy work.



We offer a complete training service, including tools, videos and materials that provide information on SHS program requirements. Training is delivered both onsite and through webinars to all related service providers, support and administrative staff.​

Gain access to our RMTS training resources. We support all efforts to train RMTS participants!



The ezEdMed tool is used by our Member school districts to record health and health-related services provided to students with IEPs.  Claiming for Medicaid allowable services is also completed through the tool.  Related service providers find that using ezEdMed allows them to accurately document, track and monitor their services.



We offer expertise and consultation to help school districts navigate the complexities of Medicaid and the SHS program. Our goal is to maximize the resources for school districts while also maintaining a compliant program.



We offer tools to document health-related special education services for proper claiming. Claiming activities are submitted and monitored to help school districts remain compliant with federal and state Medicaid regulations.  


Consortium Membership

We offer our services at a reasonable, flat fee. Please contact us to learn more about membership with The Consortium.


SHS Coordinator Grant Program

The SHS Coordinator Grant Program provides initial funding to employ a Medicaid SHS Program coordinator that is responsible for the program across two or more school districts. Taking advantage of collaboration, a single staff member is able to coordinate the SHS program efficiently and effectively between neighboring school districts.  The model allows school districts to reduce program administration expenses and maximize reimbursement for health-related services for students.

Learn more about the SHS Coordinator Grant.


Rita Young Memorial Scholarship

The Rita Young Memorial Scholarship will award at least one scholarship on an annual basis to a school district employee(s) to participate in additional health trainings.  Learn more about the Rita Young Memorial Scholarship and the application process.


SHS Advocate Award

The Consortium’s School Health Service (SHS) Advocate award recognizes the efforts of an individual to improve the health of children and support the School Health Service Program. Learn more about the SHS Advocate Award and nomination process.